Young, Liberal and Democratic

My Biography

Getting involved in a young age is one of the most important and instructive experiences to do. Therefore, it is equal if you join a political party, start your own business, be a member of the local sport club, organize an event or to set up a website just as I did. It is necessary to take responsibility early in life because if you do so, you will become more self-confident as well as experienced.

Since I had a closer look at Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford university four years ago, I realized that getting involved, living your dreams and believing into your own abilities are the central aspects of a successful and fulfilled life.

Bit by bit I started to develop new and different ways to approach to my real strengths. In 2015 I read the newspaper and stumbled over the economy part. While trying to understand all those new and never heard before words, I had the need to catch the central message of the article. Article by article, day by day I became better and better just by reading and questioning. Two years later I actually started trading in the stock market. At first with a demo account but soon I generated such a great profit that I switched into reality. It worked.

Trading on the stock market is in any case the best and profitable part-time job.

© Felix Langrock

During this time also my political interest rose, and I kept on looking for a political party which covered capitalistic orientation and the basic idea of liberty. Based on this, I became member of the German free democratic party [FDP]. I got and I am still getting into contact with interesting people who do their best to reach as much as possible in their lives.

After this overview about my short career I am proud to show you as a reader my experiences and my views about the current politics and economy…

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"

- Steve Jobs [1955 to 2011]